Design Your Backyard With Firepit Pad

Sep 20th

Firepit Pad – The grill is a favorite summer pastime of many people proprietary. Some grill once a week, grill others only for large parties, and some grill in the middle of winter because they love the taste so much. In place spend hundreds of propane grill or having to store and unpack a grill each time it is used, build a firepit pad in your backyard to keep handy throughout the year for use with wood or coal.


Decide where you want the patio grill rear. Should place the grid on the floor or on a concrete patio surface, the bricks used to build the grid will be too heavy for laying a wooden deck or storage. A grill can be built right next to a wooden porch or deck, so you can access and firepit pad surface. Shovel area where the grill is placed if it will not put the grill in a yard concrete. Shovel one square or rectangular area and consult a level. 3 feet by 3 feet area is ideal although you can choose to go bigger or a little smaller. Place a firepit pad of concrete block with a trowel and mortar resistant hot.

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