Kitchen Wall Clock Ideas

Sep 18th

Add interest in your kitchen with decorative wall clocks. Kitchen wall clock with timer can also be a functional appliance completion at the same time. Different themes are available for each different kitchen. Art deco, retro, vintage, country and modern kitchens can have certain wall clock as decorative value.

Modern Kitchen Wall Clock

When it comes to choosing country style wall clock, there are most interesting themes. They are flowers, vegetables, fruits, domestic animals, farm animals, frogs, wild birds, rooster and even dinnerware like TEAPOTS as shown on the picture (Country Kitchen Wall Clock). Be sure in choosing color and style that matches your kitchen.

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Modern kitchens can have stainless steel wall clock. This is especially if appliances are stainless steel. This is meant to create a complimentary color and decor significantly. Round shape can be an amazing choice for a great quality of design.

Art deco kitchen has bold colored wall clocks as best complimentary appliance. Just like the vintage and retro kitchens with dinner style, round metal clock is best choice. Colors like green, black, white and silver as well as red are always most favorable!

From small size to large sized, wall clocks for kitchen decorating ideas are yours to decide by minding about available appliances and decor. The clocks are mostly battery operated with unique look. To help you when cooking, one with timer is a wonderful choice. Westclox will give you many fine designs ideas.