Raised Patio Firepit Base

Jun 18th

Firepit base – Fire pits add a warm and cozy part to a patio, which makes outdoor winter available. The best form of the patio to build a raised fire pit is a concrete or paved patio that is fireproof. You can make a raised fire pit on a wooden patio, but you will need to purchase a fire pit effort to ensure that the pit remains confident combustible wood floor.

Cute Firepit Base
Cute Firepit Base

Chalk desired dimensions of the fireplace base of concrete or paved patio in the area where you want to build the firepit base. The base should be about 10 inches wider on all sides than the fireplace. Design fireplace and bass in any form you like, round, square, hexagonal – everything will work. Add a single course of bricks in the base area, packing them tightly together. Mix a batch of surface-bonding cement in a wheelbarrow or bucket, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a trowel to spread on one-half inch thick layers of all the blocks in the base, fluff out around one inch of concrete on the surface of the patio. Let dry overnight.

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Chalk dimension of the fireplace on the base and add a single line of bricks around the aggregate measure of the first line in the fireplace walls. Lay a second, third, fourth and fifth row at the top, a spread of the joints of the bricks. Mix a second batch of surface-bonding cement and apply a 1/2-inch thick layer over the fireplace wall as you did the base. Spring out about 2 inches of cement from the walls into the firepit base. Leave three days to completely cure.